Accelerating Science With Big Data

Many scientific fields have yet to realize the potential of Big Data. That’s where NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) comes in —
from improving our chances of detecting dark matter to resolving the tree of life. The HDR All-hands meeting brought together principal investigators to share best practices and discuss how to grow the community.

Next-Level Bioelectric Medicine

In recent months, some scientists have found themselves asking: “Do we let this pandemic slow down the science that could help people live healthier lives?” Last month, organizers, mentors and 29 researchers decided the answer was ‘no’ and showed up for the first all-virtual Ideas Lab, an experiment in itself.  The lab was hosted by […]

Empowering Ambassadors of Science

Researchers who collaborate with others must be able to describe and discuss their work with fellow scientists, both within and outside their area of expertise. We’ve noticed that those who work best on the cross-disciplinary teams that form at KI events are not just translators, but ambassadors. They are sensitive to differences in language and […]

Big Single-Cell Science

It sounds like science fiction: a searchable Google Maps-like app of the 30 trillion cells of the human body. But, that’s exactly what teams of scientists around the world are working together to create. Their efforts have been made possible by new advances in single-cell biology that allows them to determine the activity of individual […]

CAREER Workshop Goes Virtual

The decision to go virtual was for organizers of the 2020 NSF Engineering CAREER Proposal Workshop. Sure they’re a group of tech-savvy engineers, but they had never offered a multi-day event online before. Eventually, they decided they needed help with the tech side of things so that could focus on the event and with making their agenda more virtual-friendly. Participants not only reacted positively to the event, almost half said they would prefer a virtual workshop in the future.

Reducing Opioid Deaths

The State of Connecticut sees a disproportionately high number of opioid-related deaths. In response, UConn’s Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy held an Ideas Lab to bring together a diverse group of academics and stakeholders to come up with innovative ways to address the problem.

Breaking Down Silos to Stop COVID-19

Scientists across the country are focused on stopping, treating and developing a vaccine against COVID-19. For those things to happen, the science must go on. But how can researchers collaborate at a time when labs are shutting down and there are restrictions on meeting face-to-face? Researchers at the University of Utah’s Immunology, Inflammation & Infectious Disease (3i) Initiative decided to go virtual — with surprising results.