KI Workshops

We’ve designed and developed a few signature workshops since we began working with interdisciplinary groups of scientists in 2004. Our events are evolving along with the needs of the scientists we work with and developments in technology, too.

Ideas Labs view details

An Ideas Lab brings together groups of 25-30 interdisciplinary researchers to create teams and develop new and innovative grant proposals through real-time peer review over the course of a five-day, residential workshop.

Scoping Sessions view details

Scoping sessions are short workshops that maximize diverse expertise and input to break down a broad topic area into actionable challenges and opportunities for future research.

Virtual Events & Micro Labs view details

KI’s Virtual Events are multi-day workshops that offer just about all of the advantages of in-person events without the time and money associated with travel. These are interactive and should not be confused with webinars. (You will not be able to grade papers while you participate.) Likewise, Micro Labs (a.k.a. µLabs) are 60-90 minute virtual events that can, for example, serve to introduce an upcoming event to potential applicants or sustain a community formed at a previous event. The possibilities are endless.

Group Writing Workshopsview details

Writing workshops allow experts representing different perspectives to come together to genuinely co-author an article, policy brief, or other collaborative document.

Custom Eventsview details

If nothing on this menu looks quite right, don’t worry. We wouldn’t be KI if we didn’t give you a chance to co-create an event that addresses the challenges you’re facing.