Program Officer

Science funding agencies, non-profit agencies and NGO’s are all in the business of funding science — from basic to applied. And, whether it’s reintegrating the biological sciences or addressing the problem of shifting commercial fisheries due to climate change, KI’s deliberate creativity approach has been sparking innovation and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration since 2004. Our methods are a time-tested way to gather diverse groups of people together around a complex or important challenge and stimulate novel thinking for research or project ideas.


Whether it’s a one-time event or a multi-year effort, KI workshops allow program officers to:

  • Identify emerging topics of interest to their community.
  • Shape the direction taken by a research community.
  • Broaden participation.
  • Align researchers with system-wide goals.
  • Form linkages across directorates.


KI has a long history of working with program officers. Feel free to reach out to discuss your goals and possible ways KI might be of service.