Advancing Cancer Biology at the Frontiers of Machine Learning and Mechanistic Models Innovation Lab (August 10-14, 2020)

Part of HuBMAP, the purpose of this virtual Innovation Lab is to explore ways that researchers might apply data driven and mechanistic modeling approaches to the study and eventual treatment of cancer. It will bring together 25 researchers from the fields of cancer biology, data science, mathematics, computer science, systems biology, and translational research. It […]

ECICC Digital Twin Ideas Lab (July 6-10, 2020)

The Envisioning Computational Innovations for Cancer Challenges (ECICC) Digital Twin Ideas Lab begins July 6, 2020 and is jointly sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Energy. It will bring together 30 scientists and clinicians from across cancer research, high powered computing, artificial intelligence disciplines, and beyond to develop innovative research project […]

2020-2021 Biomedical Data Science Innovation Lab (BDSIL): Challenges in Brain Analytics and Data Integration

The 2020-2021 BDSIL, hosted by the University of Virginia, will bring together researchers at the forefronts of large-scale data analytics and neuroscience to identify challenges in brain science that can be addressed with an interdisciplinary approach and create the innovative solutions to meet those challenges. BDSIL begins October 2, 2020 and culminates in an in-person […]

Accelerating Science With Big Data

Many scientific fields have yet to realize the potential of Big Data. That’s where NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) comes in —
from improving our chances of detecting dark matter to resolving the tree of life. The HDR All-hands meeting brought together principal investigators to share best practices and discuss how to grow the community.

Next-Level Bioelectric Medicine

In recent months, some scientists have found themselves asking: “Do we let this pandemic slow down the science that could help people live healthier lives?” Last month, organizers, mentors and 29 researchers decided the answer was ‘no’ and showed up for the first all-virtual Ideas Lab, an experiment in itself.  The lab was hosted by […]

Empowering Ambassadors of Science

Researchers who collaborate with others must be able to describe and discuss their work with fellow scientists, both within and outside their area of expertise. We’ve noticed that those who work best on the cross-disciplinary teams that form at KI events are not just translators, but ambassadors. They are sensitive to differences in language and […]

My Unique Story

To complete this assignment, we asked BSP students to pick four prompts from three lists and complete the sentences. Then, they were asked to use those three parts to craft their own unique stories. Here’s the example I gave them using my own story. Prompt Writing: Part 1 I grew up in a dysfunctional family. […]