Work at KI


Please note: We have finished recruitment for this year. However, we were delighted by the way our recruitment drive introduced us to so many fascinating people. If you find our work interesting, we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn, because that is probably the easiest way to hear about future recruitment efforts.

Who Are We?

We are a group of facilitators, designers, software engineers, and researchers, who focus on accelerating academic science. We are a diverse group of people, who are spread out around the world. Some of us came from academia, others from industry, and a few from performing arts. What unites us is our dual passions for science and creative problem-solving.

These two perspectives (science and creativity) are central to how we run the company. We make our decisions based upon evidence, and we are always trying to come up with new and better ideas. It should be said that ideas which make us laugh are probably accorded more significance than they deserve, but we are honest with ourselves about what makes our lives enjoyable.

We have been working in this area for nearly twenty years, and during that time we have developed a range of tools and techniques that have proved to be very effective. It is now time to expand our impact, which is why we want to recruit new colleagues.

What We Do

Knowinnovation’s mission is to accelerate scientific innovation. We believe scientific thinking, knowledge, and discoveries offer humanity a route to the best possible future. However, many of the problems that confront humanity are complex and multi-faceted. In order to solve them, we need to create interdisciplinary research communities. And, that’s where we come in. By applying the theories of deliberate creativity to the process of solving complex challenges, we help the research community create a better world for all, faster.

More specifically we:

  • design problem-solving events that facilitate creative breakthroughs amongst interdisciplinary participants;
  • build software tools to facilitate the exchange of interesting questions, and creative ideas;
  • develop training materials and resources that teach others how to use these tools;
  • work with researchers to constantly improve our tools and processes.

And we do all of this in an environmentally, and economically sustainable way.

Open Positions

None at this time.