About KI

At Knowinnovation, we believe interdisciplinary teams of scientists who engage in deliberate creativity have the power to solve the world’s most complex challenges. We have been guiding diverse teams around the globe and witnessing the birth of these transformative solutions for over ….. well since 2004.  (You do the math.)

We facilitate. You innovate. Together we change the world.

Facilitate. The team at KI is dedicated to accelerating scientific innovation. As students of the science of creativity, we specialize in designing and facilitating in-person and virtual events that create cross-disciplinary collaborations and build scientific communities.

Innovate. At our events, you’ll experience how deliberate creativity can harness the power of disparate fields, engage diverse teams and extend the frontiers of science. Participants describe these interactive events as challenging, productive and transformative — even exhausting… but in a good way.

Change the World. KI is an international organization with offices in the U.S. and Europe. The company provides services to a variety of organizations whose missions include driving advances in innovation and achieving excellence in research. Our clients range from national funding bodies to regional colleges and have included the United Nations, the National Science Foundation and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK.  KI teams have worked on six of the seven continents — Antarctica remains elusive, for now.

What are our Values? We manage the company by reference to a collection of core values. If you would like to learn about them, please follow this link