Accelerating Scientific Innovation

KI Brings the Science of Creativity to Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We are a creative bunch of trained facilitators with a passion for science. We live to watch the brains of scientists explode with phenomenal ideas.

Clients and workshop participants can rest assured that we only take on projects we believe in and work with people who make us laugh (no pressure).

Our Blog

KI’s Virtual Journey

When going virtual became the new normal in 2020, our clients and potential clients had to confront the core question: “Can teams of scientists work together and be creative online?”

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Accelerating Science With Big Data

Many scientific fields have yet to realize the potential of Big Data. That’s where NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) comes in —
from improving our chances of detecting dark matter to resolving the tree of life. The HDR All-hands meeting brought together principal investigators to share best practices and discuss how to grow the community.

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