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We are a creative bunch of trained facilitators with a passion for science. We live to watch the brains of scientists explode with phenomenal ideas.

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Clients and workshop participants can rest assured that we only take on projects we believe in and work with people who make us laugh (no pressure).

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Technology-Driven Future of Cancer Research

Scientists are engineering cells that promise to change the future of cancer research.

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Earlier Detection of Cancer

In the United Kingdom, only 25 percent of cancers are detected at stage 1. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has been holding Sandpit Workshops since 2018 focusing on the early detection of cancer. Sandpits, which are known as Ideas Labs in the U.S., are intense experiences that bring together researchers from disparate fields and use the […]

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Coming Together (Virtually) for a Healthier Africa

One thing we love about working with scientists is that they are motivated by trying to make the world a better place. They see problems, such as the need to apply the latest in data science to improve public health in Africa, and they step up. That’s what Harnessing Data Science for Health Discovery and […]

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