Research Development Professional

In today’s world, improving research at a university means:

  • fostering interdisciplinary collaboration
  • supporting team science
  • engaging academics across disciplines and 
  • building communities of researchers with overlapping or complementary expertise

It all starts with breaking down silos. And KI workshops do just that. Once researchers are working together, KI workshops can also be used to keep these diverse teams functioning.

KI workshops help research development professionals (RDPs):

  • Catalyze new cross-disciplinary research initiatives
  • Spearhead grand challenges, moonshots, HIBAR and similar forms of academic endeavors for the purpose of real-world problem-solving
  • Build interdisciplinary proposal teams 
  • Convene and coordinate research interest groups
  • Facilitate collaborations within and among universities, government, industry, foundations and more.
  • Identify areas of institutional research priorities through crowdsourcing
  • Support strategic planning from department faculty meetings to university research thematic visioning
  • Kickoff seed funding or internal funding initiatives. 


KI offers a variety of workshops that can be used alone or in combination to achieve both short- and long-term goals. Our involvement ranges from facilitating one-time events to multi-year projects. We find research development professionals to be kindred spirits in their enthusiasm for science. That’s why we look forward to working with you.

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