Group Writing Workshop

Writing is hard. Writing in a group can be even harder. But, our writing workshops alleviate any unnecessary pain. They allow experts representing different perspectives to come together in a focused way to co-author an article, policy brief, or other collaborative document. 

Facilitators engineer a series of events that:

  • Define the scope, content and focus of the document.
  • Build an annotated outline to incorporate all participants’ point of view.
  • Refine the outline into a first draft

After the workshop, the facilitators reconvene the participants for one or more virtual Micro Labs to review and approve the final draft. Groups often find our methods both ease and democratize the task at hand.

What’s Included:

  • Project administration
  • Project management board and knowledge base
  • Project planning meetings  
  • Agenda design
  • Venue assistance
  • Online Collaboration Hub
  • Onsite setup and orientation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Workshop materials
  • Travel & incidentals to and from the event

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Additional project planning meetings
  • Additional co-facilitator or other KI staff 
  • Facilitation of Participant selection process
  • Additional 60-90 minute Micro Labs (before or after the event)
  • Public event website


Lodging and catering at the event are generally arranged for and paid directly by the client for simplicity.