Custom Events

KI events — Ideas Labs, Scoping Sessions, μLabs and Writing Workshops —  are all customized to some degree to fit each clients’ needs. But, we wouldn’t be KI if we didn’t, in the spirit of creative problem solving, also offer our clients the chance to co-create their event from scratch. Our clients have used custom events to facilitate strategic planning and visioning, research roadmapping, and networking and partnering; just to name a few. Together we can create an event to suit your needs — even if you don’t know exactly what those are yet.

What People Are Saying About KI Custom Events

The scope of the visioning ideas (produced at the workshop) is most exciting to me. Getting out of the trenches for a bit and taking a look around was inspiring. If the vision papers (written by teams of workshop participants) can share this perspective broadly and stimulate new research, they will be tremendously impactful.

– Marc Frischer, PhDUniversity of Georgia’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Reintegrating Biology-Atlanta