Junior Facilitator


60% Delivery

  • Learn the KI Way by assisting in designing and facilitating a broad range of Knowinnovation workshops. This includes attending client planning meetings, project coordination, on-site delivery of events, and debriefs. 
  • Ensure that the client’s needs are met while also making sure that the project is progressing in the right direction, post-meeting updates, task tracking, and liaising with accounting, sales, and operations. 
  • Produce virtual and face-to-face events including zoom if virtual, participant support, and content creation for clients’ workshops with progressive front of the room facilitation. 

30% Internal Projects

  • Contribute to the development of infographics, blogs, and reports as needed.
  • Stay up to date on current trends in facilitation, creativity, and the sciences through participation in training and workshops including, but not limited to: creativity and innovation, facilitation, technology seminars, and business of science and science literacy. 
  • Work with KI mentors and leadership team to produce collateral materials to advance our shared learning including, relevant best practices, resources, activity descriptions, etc.

10% Internal Meetings & Other Duties

  • Weekly internal meetings
  • Engage in learning methods that might include synchronous sessions such as topic discussions and event debriefs, and asynchronous work such as reading assignments, blog posts, critiques of scientific articles, mini-research projects, simulations, seminars, book camps, and online courses.
  • Other duties as relevant and assigned


KI facilitators are experts in Creativity and we nestle ourselves in academic, often scientific,  research development space. Facilitators with KI have Bachelor’s Degrees that range from Biological Sciences, to Entrepreneurship and Business, Graduate work in Creativity and Change Leadership, to PhDs in Computer Science, and Organizational Psychology. An ideal candidate will have an educational and professional background that spans multiple disciplines. In addition:

  • A minimum of 5+ years experience in a professional position, preferred in academia with an understanding of research. 
  • Flexibility and tolerance for ambiguity. KI facilitators often must think quickly on their feet and discard months of work to be responsive to what is happening in the room. KI facilitators understand that much of their work is bleeding edge and therefore they must remain open and defer judgment to spark novel thinking. 
  • An ideal candidate will have a high level of emotional intelligence, be able to manage many client personalities, and not get easily upset or offended by the things other people say.  
  • Willingness to collaborate with people from all backgrounds and all sectors. 
  • Candidates are expected to be guides by the side, not sages on the stage, and can work with people who laugh with us and our participants, are empathetic, intellectually honest, and humble.  
  • Experience with designing and facilitating interdisciplinary groups. 
  • Ability to work virtually in a quiet, private space, with reliable high-speed internet. 
  • Able to know their way around a computer is essential. KI believes in a sustainable future and is therefore dedicated to technology solutions to ease our carbon footprint.
  • Ability to occasionally travel. Less than 10% while working virtually. When workshops take place on location, candidates must travel often within the continental US but sometimes globally.
  • Excellent written and oral communication. Be willing to collaborate and communicate frequently with sponsors and participants, in addition to internal communications.   
  • Must be punctual and have a dependable work schedule. KI works with federal agencies and universities around the world. KI’s meeting schedule is often dictated by when its clients have availability. 
  • Excellent creative and critical problem-solving skills. We solve problems. We diagnose where challenges exist and design interventions. 
  • Time management and multitasking skills. It is critical to work on multiple client workshops at one time while attending training and weekly internal meetings.


Knowinnovation will provide the following compensation. 

  • Salary varies based on experience
  • Health, dental, and vision
  • Flexible Time-Off
  • Bonus structure based on performance and team performance