periodic_blair_bradshawKnowinnovation is curious about creativity, problem solving, leadership, managing change, research, technology – all the things that go hand-in-hand with innovation.

Our specialty: accelerating academic, scientific, multi-disciplinary innovation. In the simplest terms: we help smart people have interesting conversations about complex questions, which leads to novel ideas and innovative research.

When we run a workshop, we like to collect people in a room and surprise them with their own ingenuity. Though we have a special place in our hearts for flip-charts and post-its, we love technology and lead rich virtual lives. We’ve designed and developed a number of intriguing ways to interact and invent using every kind of method: high touch and high tech.

We’re a team sprawled across the planet, traveling time zones to do our work, which doesn’t really feel like work because we make it good fun.

Serious play, and all that.