Programming computers is difficult, programming games is a whole other level of difficult. Zach, our IT guy and a KI Producer, spent several years playing video games before deciding he would rather challenge himself by being a game developer. Later, he earned degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. He has a knack for coding, automation and generally bending computers to his will.  Clients appreciate Zach’s 24/7 work ethic, polite demeanor and charming accent. His coworkers appreciate his upbeat style, dedication to finding solutions and the way he is always engaged and eager to help. He explains all things tech with the patience of a Zen master and is a keen student of business operations.
At KI’s Harnessing the Data Revolution Ideas Lab, he got last-minute request to record final presentations happening simultaneously in four different conference rooms — he figured it out and it was the best video output of a lab KI has ever had.  A former marlin fisherman, Zach now happily spends his time untangling lines of code in the name of scientific innovation.