Yota is responsible for KI’s accounting, as well as for bringing two of its facilitators into the world. (Guess which ones!) She brings warmth to any room she enters and a sense of urgency to any procurement department that crosses her path. Yota has been in finance since she was a teenager in Greece helping run her family’s newspaper kiosk. She earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting from the City University of New York’s Baruch College and a Master’s of Science in Construction Administration from Columbia University — while simultaneously handling the finances for the family construction business.
Yota also spent 15 years at Columbia University as a financial analyst. She recently relocated to Seminole, FL, where she enjoys coworking with Stavros and other Florida-based KI’ers. As a child, Yota loved balancing on veranda railings while dreaming of being an astronaut. Today, her sons facilitate the science going on at NASA — while she makes sure Uncle Sam pays the bill on time.