Trish is a KI facilitator who simultaneously exudes confidence and warmth. She has a built-in radar that senses when a participant feels lost or like an outsider. When that signal is detected Trish is able to gently bring that person back into the discussion. And whether it’s a group of New York accountants or Marine Corps generals, Trish is always ready to lead the way.

Trish holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Speech & Pathology. In her post graduate studies Trish has studied collaborative practice between health and education and applied research in health and social care settings. Her work as a Speech and Language Therapist, storytelling coach and researcher have all contributed to the toolkit she uses to support those working to innovate and bring new ideas to life.

Working with Trish, clients appreciate the crisp, clear instructions she gives for even the most complex of tasks. Coworkers are reassured by her presence, knowing she can easily rescue them from a tight spot during a workshop should they find themselves in one. And, if that happens a few too many times in one day, they are also glad Trish has a built-in needs-a-beer beacon.