Toby is a KI facilitator, tech guru, and prostletizer of all things creative. He is a natural to help lead KI’s development of Micro Lab’s and other virtual events. In fact, Toby led the first virtual Ideas Lab that included 100 people. Both clients and coworkers are reassured by his presence at the helm of a virtual workshop. He is agile with the technology, at ease in front of the camera, and can be counted on to assemble all the pieces that need to come together to make participants realize their productivity potential. Toby is passionate about the power of creativity and the power of technology to share that widely.


Toby’s technical toolkit is equalled by his professional one. He does a lot of different kinds of facilitation. In addition to academic researchers, Toby facilitates events for government agencies, NGOs and corporations. For example, he is “Innovator-in-Residence” for the United Nations Population Fund, working on projects to reduce gender based violence and unwanted pregnancy.

Toby, who splits his time between Ireland and the U.K., was previously head of innovation for the UK government and a director of the UK Design Council. He was founding director of the Irish Centre for Design Innovation and is currently board member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. He has quite a few academic degrees, none of which qualify him to do what he does now.

Toby’s KI teammates appreciate his unflappable calm, the way he compliments others and how quick he is to point out the contributions of others. Any idea he hears is always met with positive enthusiasm. He is a storyteller at heart, which makes watching him interact with clients is a joy. Get him to tell you the one about the time he fixed an old car using a pair of tights. But don’t ask where the tights came from. He won’t say.