According to author Anne Lamott, “laughter is carbonated holiness.” If that’s the case, then Tim (a.k.a. Tag) is the spiritual elder of KI. As a facilitator, he has the ability to transform a room full of jet-lagged scientists into a cathedral of laughter, energizing them for a day of vigorous innovation. Rumor has it that his former career in finance was just a cover for his nightly gigs in improv comedy. He has an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA in finance from the University of Rochester and is co-author of a 2014 book entitled Never Be Closing: How to Sell Better Without Screwing Your Clients, Your Colleagues, or Yourself.

True to the book’s title, Tim brings high ethical standards and an obvious love for people to his work at KI. He loves nothing better than to see people realize their dreams and achieve their true potential. That’s why, he serves as a volunteer counselor, sits on the board and established an endowment for the non-profit Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts, a Massachusetts summer camp for economically disadvantaged youth that gives kids the chance to discover themselves and their potential through the arts.

Workshop participants and facilitators alike appreciate the generous and thoughtful gift of feedback Tim offers throughout a workshop. His colleagues appreciate the support he gives them to grow personally and professionally. And, clients and coworkers alike may notice a glint in Tim’s eye when he hears an idea at a workshop that he suspects will change the course of a researcher’s career, as well as science itself.  Tim is an endless font of energy and has found many ways outside of work to expend it: basketball and biking, just to name a few. And, if all else fails, he’ll simply go for a swim, jumping in the nearest body of water — no matter the size or the temperature