Stavros has been facilitating KI events since 2009 and today he focuses on leading KI’s operations. He brings to KI his experience as an entrepreneur, having co-founded a design build firm, a disaster recovery not-for-profit and an eco-friendly dry cleaning business. Despite his business background, Stavros knew Science had captured his heart when he found himself preferring to read Science News over Harvard Business Review while stuck at airports between flights.
Stavros also brings to KI a strong academic background in creative problem solving. He earned a Masters of Science in Creativity Studies from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. He was a frequent guest lecturer and research collaborator at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas where he and his wife honeymooned for two years. More recently, he served as an Instructor of Entrepreneurship & Creative in Residence at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.
Clients appreciate the way Stavros simultaneously balances their needs with those of the participants and the facilitation team. He has been compared to a powerful zoom lens, going effortlessly from viewing the big picture to honing in on the details. A group of overwhelmed participants might see this skill in action when Stavros is able to zero in on the underlying reason for the block the group is experiencing. With a reassuring calm, he gives them a roadmap to overcoming the obstacle and getting back on track. Likewise, his KI teammates are reassured by the way he sticks to his signature workshop attire with 95 percent accuracy. (Don’t worry, you’ll soon be as disappointed as they are with his lack of personal expression in that department too!)