Dave is a KI facilitator and Tech wiz who can sort out both creative problem solving challenges and technical tangles—sometimes simultaneously—with ease. He has earned three degrees, including a Ph.D., in computer science from the University of York. He spent 12 years working in computer science before becoming Manager, and later Head of Innovation & Creativity, at the Royal Mail’s Innovation Lab, which he grew into a world renowned corporate creativity center. He is a founding member of KI and has been a regular leader of the European Creativity Conference (CREA).

Dave has the uncanny ability to translate geek-speak into plain English—all with a dry sense of humor appreciated by clients and coworkers alike. He is among those at KI responsible for designing and facilitating virtual events, some of which number in the hundreds of participants. During both in-person and virtual workshops, Dave prepares participants for what’s coming, allowing for seamless transitions in ideas and activities. No need for seat belts; it’s always a smooth ride with Dave at the workshop wheel!