Costa has been described as a one-man energy-generator. He is a KI facilitator who also leads one of KI’s two sister companies, Innovation Bound, which focuses on stewarding innovation in the business world. Costa’s academic background is in economics, he is a self-taught JavaScript programmer, and he was an event producer for TEDxGramercy for six years. He has a reputation among KI clients and coworkers for asking freakishly insightful questions and effectively summarizing complex ideas.

Participants at KI workshops appreciate Costa’s enthusiasm for science and his strong presence at the front of the room. (They also notice he has a penchant for doodling on his jeans.) Costa enjoys the technical challenges KI has to offer, recently designing an event that was attended physically (in three locations) and virtually by 500 participants. As a coworker, he leads by example, showing up with an open mind and an open heart, facing unforeseen challenges with flexibility and agility — two qualities that serve him well as a trained gymnast. And, don’t be surprised to see him doing a handstand at a workshop. It’s simply Costa’s way of getting a new perspective to the challenge at hand.