KI has been honing what we call Micro Labs (µLabs) and other virtual events for more than a decade. These are not the webinars you love to hate. Our virtual experiences are designed to facilitate scientific discussion and collaboration. We set the stage, give directions on the activities and put participants into small working breakout groups. Most of the trouble lies in ending on time because groups are so engaged they want to keep working beyond the allotted time.

Applying the scientific method to our own virtual experiment, here’s what we’ve found:

Micro Labs and KI Virtual Events work well as:

  • Stand alone experiences
  • A series of short events over time
  • As supplements to tightly scheduled in-person meetings

Micro Labs and KI Virtual Events make workshops: 

  • More accessible 
  • Fit easily into busy schedules 
  • Economical and environmentally-friendly ways of convening face-to-face conferences

What’s Included:

  • Project administration
  • Planning meetings
  • µLab(s) facilitation

Optional Add-on Items:

  • Project management board (already included in series)
  • Additional planning meetings 
  • Online Collaboration Hub

What People Are Saying About KI’s Micro Labs and Virtual Events