Want to know what others have to say about KI? Looking for a better idea of just how we do what we do? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of articles and publications that have been written about our events.

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What is an Ideas Lab: A description from PLOS

What might emerge from an Ideas Lab: One story from Cracking the Olfactory Code

Data Science Innovation Lab (DSIL)  2018: The Mathematical Challenges of Single Cell Dynamics

Assessment of the 2016 Origins Ideas Lab: A Fresh Approach to Generating Scientific Research

The AI Acceleration: Implications for the US Air Force of 2030

NASA Astrobiology Strategy 2015

Innovation Lab Maps the Future of Learning in Smart and Connected Communities

More than just process, KI meeting management

Virtual events

The Cancer Microbiome: Distinguishing Direct and Indirect Effects Requires a Systemic View (Trends in Cancer 2020)

Reintegrating Biology website

Coastlines & People (CoPe) website

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