Virtual KI

virtual_KIOnce relegated to the world of science fiction, virtual teams and virtual working environments are now a very viable way of doing business. Knowinnovation is accustomed to working virtually, since we’re sprawled across two continents and more than occasionally traveling to others. We’ve put together an efficient and layered system: we share files using Google Docs and DropBox, we coordinate our schedules with Google Calendar, we use productivity tools like Asana or Trello. We share links in Yammer and carry on conversations in Slack. We have small conferences on Skype and Google Hang-outs and full team meetings in the 3D collaborative environment using an open-source platform, Qube. To keep people connected, Knowinnovation uses a platform called as a networking site for many of the programs we run, and for the communities we build, to support collaboration and creative team science.

Whether it’s a replacement for live workshops, a complement – or a blend of both – it means we can create the ideal environment, a virtual innovation lab that’s designed for a special group or a specific challenge. It also means we can collect the most appropriate minds – not just the available ones – and bring them together from anywhere on the planet to go through a creative process, bringing us that much closer to frictionless creativity.