Jumpstarts and Mini-Sandpits

Jumpstart_miniSandpitsWe’ve learned that a 5-day event is, in most cases, the ideal amount of time for getting to breakthrough thinking. But what if you can’t get people to come away for five days? We wanted to be responsive to Universities and institutions with budget and time constraints, so we created an event that is compressed into a shorter period of time. We call it a Jumpstart, or a Mini-Sandpit.

It is literally that – a jumpstart to enable the right people to come together and to at least start the creative process. If a Sandpit or an Ideas Lab could be considered a marathon, then the Jumpstart is a sprint, the 100-metre dash that allows people to get their creative juices flowing, which hopefully results in solutions to challenges or problems.

These shorter events follow, more or less, the same process as a Sandpit or an Ideas Lab. Because they only run for 2 or 3 days, the process of developing ideas for research continues after the event with groups working together to refine and add substance to their proposals. When time and resources are limited, this shorter program can ignite new thinking and spur conversations that wouldn’t otherwise occur in typical day-to-day interaction. It’s a shorter time-frame to spark innovation, but a vibrant spark nonetheless.