bath_housesCreativity@home is an initiative of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to nurture creative thinking at the institutional level within the UK. Funding is available – to universities with an EPSRC programme grant – for meetings, workshops, trainings or retreats that are designed to provoke creativity and lead to transformative research.

Knowinnovation will work with you to understand how best to apply the funding for your programme and your programme partners. This might involve creative process skill-building or facilitation training; an idea-generating workshop on a designated topic; an off-site meeting to explore research opportunities, possibly with outside stakeholders; a workshop to explore how members of a team might function together more creatively; or a town hall meetings for your programme and its key stakeholders.

The EPSRC’s objectives for Creativity@home:

~ To learn a range of creative problem solving tools and techniques and how this might aid creativity in research
~ To explore the future research vision and cross-disciplinary opportunities in the group using new facilitation tools and techniques
~ To engage post-doctoral and post-graduate researchers in blue skies idea generation in particular, ensuring EPSRC sponsored students are encouraged to cultivate and develop their creative thinking skills – thus enhancing their training experience
~ To learn how to work effectively in teams, understanding different styles of approaching problems and challenges and how to influence others
~ To develop a cohort of trained people that have learnt and are applying creative problem solving techniques so that the approaches and culture become embedded in the group, centre, departments, institutions…

KI can design an event with you, to meet your project needs. The flexibility of Creativity@home budget is ideal for this.

A few examples of KI-facilicated Creativity@home workshops.

How to apply for funding from the ESPRC for a Creativity@home event.