Maggie Dugan

Knowinnovation’s creative bon vivant, Maggie is an American in Paris… and in Barcelona.

Maggie’s first career was in broadcast media, where she put her creativity to work as a journalist, a marketer and eventually as a manager. Her second (and current) profession: working as an innovation facilitator, running creative problem solving and leadership workshops and trainings. She’s done her fair share of new product development and brand brainstorming, but especially enjoys running Sandpits and Ideas Labs. She considers it a privilege to work with scientists to find innovative solutions to complex and important problems. Her latest passion is bringing KI’s methodology to scientists in Africa and to organizations working in the area of development, worldwide, as part of KI’s Inclusive Innovation initiative.

Her third (and concurrent) life: Writing is a favorite creative activity. She keeps a journal and still prefers to send hand-written letters. When she can, Maggie slips off to her writing studio to work on her manuscript. Once a reluctant blogger, she’s discovered its pleasures and now embraces the medium of blogging with enthusiasm and is the primary contributor to the KI blog.

After 18 years living in France, she moved to Barcelona but still commutes to Paris to get her hair cut.