Who We Are

We Call Ourselves KI.

The Knowinnovation facilitation team is multi-national and geo-diverse. We’re based in the UK, the US, France and Spain, but just to make things more interesting we’ve mixed it up a bit with a Brit living New York, two Americans based in Europe, and a Kiwi jaunting about London town.

Team is the operative word, as we usually work in pairs, trios or as a foursome. Sometimes you even get a gang of us, depending on the size of the participant group and the complexity of the event. Plus we like to wear our radio-headsets, which looks pretty silly if you’re facilitating by yourself.

We’ve all learned to work comfortably in an academic environment (several of us have been academics) and to put our method – based on the science of deliberate creativity – in palatable terms for scientists and academics.


Andy BurnettAndy is a recovering academic with a passion for creativity and technology.
Maggie Dugan Maggie facilitates – and writes about – creativity.
Stavros MichailidisStavros has a long Greek surname that nobody can remember or pronounce.
Tim MorleyTim is never afraid to keep things simple.


Donnalyn RoxeyDonnalyn provides a wealth of experience of bringing creative approaches to academic research centers.
Tim DunneTim owes his love for creativity and innovation to his mother.
Izzy MamnoonIzzy’s passion is creativity for kids, teachers and families.
David LomasDavid was once described as a geek with social skills.


Puleng MakhoalibePuleng is a cat with many lives.
Costa MichailidisCosta escaped from university and has yet to be apprehended.
Toby ScottToby is part creative, part technology and part business savvy.
John CabraJohn is the tricycle metaphorist with a passion for igniting creative behavior.


Zella KingZella is KI’s social network super-connector.