Just One Thing

Imagine if all you had was one thing to work with, and one thing to produce. What would you do with such a tabula rasa? What could you create? How would that free you up?

Dutch artist Peter Callesen demonstrates that one single sheet of paper can become almost anything he imagines. He produced an entire series of A4-sized paper cut outs, some of which are extremely intricate and complex, but they all start with one simple blank sheet of paper.

Think about some aspect of your work or life that you deal with everyday. It might be how you drive your car, how you walk the dog, how you manage a staff meeting or how you habitually solve a problem. What if you had an unlimited amount of time in which to focus on just that one thing, in an attempt to improve it or use it in new ways. What might you achieve?

Know further: See Callesen’s large scale papercuts. See more of his work here and here. Seeking simplicity for creativity: try doing more with less.